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Several exquisite diving sites are available suitable for both beginners and experienced divers. With regard to the unexplored character of the local coast, you have the chance to discover your own new site - a rare opportunity anywhere in the world.
     Diving trips are conducted using a very convenient and fast speedboat specially modified for diving with state-of-the-art navigation equipment, a fishfinder with GPS and a cooling box.
You may rent quality diving gear and we also have a compressor.
     We arrange even several-day diving "safaris" to close and distant islands.

                            1 Dive (except equipment)                     1100 PHP
                            5 Dives package                                   5000 PHP
                            Non licenced divers - exploration dive       2000 PhP(incl lesson on the beach)
                                    (Prices excluding boat trips to dive spots)

                             Full brand Scuba Equipment                    850 PHP/Day
                             Mask+Snorkel                                       250 PHP/Day
                             Boots                                                 100 PHP/Day
                             Wetsuite                                             300 PHP/Day
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        Siargao Island is an underwater jewel yet waiting to be thoroughly explored.
The island is surrounded by marvellous and pristine coral reefs - some of the most beautiful ones in the whole of the Philippines. The Pacific windward side then offers unique rock formations full of underwater caves, canyons and fantastical rocks formed by the sea waves in the course of millions of years.
        With regard to the proximity of the Philippine Deep - the second deepest place on the planet over 10,000 m deep - you may also observe pelagic fish, shoals of barracudas and other inhabitants of the submarine depths.

We offer excellent diving in Siargao dive spots or Combination diving on the best Philippines dive areas with Siargao diving.