Fishing Siargao

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            You will find a real fishing paradise here!

      Siargao is arguably the best fishing destination in the Philippines - the fish caught here belong to the largest. You may experience a duel with one of the most sought-after fishes - the catch blue marlin,sailfish a mahi-mahi , large tuna fish or another large fish. We provide professional fishing equipment, a very convenient speedboat equipped with a fish finder, rod fixtures and a cooling box. We may also offer advice from local fishermen regarding baiting and setting.

     Every year international fishing competition is held at Siargao and it is opened by the Philippines president. The best fishing season is from January until the end of June when you may catch the largest fishes; however, fishing is possible throughout the whole year.
Our cook may make the fishing trips even better by preparing you your favourite meal for the trip; cold drinks are available onboard.

          Rental of equipment (1 rod, hooks, etc.)        1  day                   500 PHP
          Fishing trip by speedboat                            4  hours              6 800 PHP
                                                                        6  hours              8 000 PHP
          Special package-3 days min 5 hours fishing
           (incl rods rental,bites)                                   ONLY             20 000 PHP