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      We have created a base on island Siargao, which offers various adventurous water activities (diving, surfing, kiteboarding, etc.), trips to charming tropical islands with white beaches and almost kitsch-like looking palms, visits to fishing villages, great fishing (opportunity to catch some remarkable fishes - blue marlin,sailfish, mahi-mahi,tuna etc.),trips to wild forests, etc.
      We provide quality accommodation of a European standard directly on the best beach in General Luna with a panoramic view of gigantic waves rushing from the Pacific Ocean. Near the resort there is the most renowned surfing site in the Philippines  - Cloud 9, which has the world class parameters.
      You may spend your evenings with your current or new friends in one of the many bars or discos.    
      Come to us and we guarantee you that during the adventures which we offer, surrounded by roaring of the waves of the Pacific Ocean and watching the sky full of stars you will quickly wind down and forget the stress of working days and will be leaving relaxed and refreshed.
      We provide state-of-the-art equipment for the offered activities plus a fast boat and experienced guides.
Nor will you be suffering from hunger here - in our resort we offer exquisite European, American, and Asian meals for reasonable prices, which we may pack for you when going on a trip.

So do not hesitate, come and enjoy. We are waiting for you!

Copyright Philadventures 2010,Roman Cadek in RBV
     We offer unique experiences in the tropical paradise on Siargao Island in the Philippines  - a fairytale-like island in the middle of the roaring Pacific Ocean with unpolluted emerald water, beautiful countryside and pleasant inhabitants.We also organize combination dive trips to another philippine dive spots,vulcanoes hiking,
treking and another adventure activities in the Philippines.
Phil Adventures

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