Sohoton Bucos Grande
Sohoton Caves

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     The karst reserve Sohoton is by our speed boat only 1 hour away.The sea has created here numerous beautiful rock formations, deep inlets and caves. Some caves may be reached by swimming with snorkel. A day trip with possible barbecue on the way.There is also excellent snorkelink.
     The most prominent features in the park are the cathedral-like caves, which are the Panhulugan I, and II, Sohoton and Bugosan.  All the caves in the park are endogen caves in angular limestone cliff, which support the base of other crack system.  It abounds with flowstones and dripstones.
Price :

Up to 6 persons                            9.000 PHP (for boat)
every aditional person                      900 PHP/person

(price doesnt include entrance fee-cca 400-500 PHP/person and food)

On your request we can arrange some barbecue,to prepare some sandwitches,cold drinks ar anorher refreshment.